tiny pcb


TINY PCB Miniaturization

Tiny PCB Inc., American interconnect solutions company and miniaturization partner for semiconductor advanced packaging. Tiny PCB has been driven by the demanding quality standards of the miniaturization trend in wafer level packaging. Our mission is to provide innovative high-density interconnect solutions to break the technology barriers for higher signal integrity challenges and to minimize the gap between Wafer/Chip technologies and the PCB/Substrate infrastructure for an optimized next generation packaging design.

Tiny PCB provides proprietary high (TPHD), ultra (TPUD) and extreme (TPED) density designs for fan-in wafer level packaging (FIWLP), fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP) and wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) which is necessary for the future miniaturization of advanced electronic devices and next-generation applications.

Our pre-designed layouts and proprietary ecosystems enable hardware developers to innovate faster by improving the speed and precision of the way electronics are developed while also reducing the cost and time to market. 32 US and 32 EU granted patents on modular fan-out designs and thousands of pre-designed solutions which includes proprietary wide range of high-density ready to use designs for wafer level packaging.

Innovation is at the heart of Tiny PCB strategy to accelerate advanced packaging in an increasingly electric world. Integrating our novel design partitioning, we leverage unique pattern design technologies to address some of the significant barriers to the continued adoption of miniaturization trend and next generation high density packages. We have used a novel approach to develop a very promising interconnect footprint for the future FPGA chips. Our goal is to optimize the highest I/Os count in the smallest package.

We developed an advanced high I/Os packaging count that brings artificial intelligence to the edge in a way that existing designs methods are not capable. Interconnects play an important role in all of this, and choices of interconnects may have a big impact on power, performance, area and cost.

Tiny PCB portfolio of packaging designs covers a wide range of applications: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning devices, Deep Learning systems and edge computing. These designs and technologies are able to perform different levels of interchangeable Lego-Like techniques, such as building block methodology for high end devices with highest interconnect count, ultra-low power consumption and noise reduction.