Wearables: or wearable technology as it is referred to happen to be the incorporation of a computer or any computing device onto an article of clothing such that it can be worn over the body.
Most of the sophisticated tasks performed by a computer or a handheld personal device can be performed by these wearables and at times performs much better and faster than these typical devices as well. Wearable technology evolved late and incorporates many sophisticated technologies not generally designed into a device used daily. These features include recognition, movement patterns and more sensor features that make it an artistically subtle technology it is.

The Nike+ or the more famous Google Glass are some of the more advanced and famous wearables around. These devices consist of some major concepts such as gesture recognition with the combination of a highly innovative display system. The wearables keep a user engaged with a computer at all times as it is worn and needs constant feedback from the user in terms of physical movements of other gestural interfaces. The advantage of a wearable device is that it provides the user with real-time information constantly.

Although typically referring to a form of article or device worn on oneself, wearables have advanced since its inception and have now taken more sophisticated forms such as smart tattoos and tinier versions of chips called microchips. The idea of a wearable computer emerged out of the necessity to design a device that is comparatively more hands free, portable, fast and is much more accessible than a typical computer. The idea of wearable technology is very highly influential and has several applications across a lot of fields that range from medicine to even music.

Before being introduced to the public, it was a technology exclusively and intensively being used by security forces of several countries and was considered a key to survival as well since it provided many significant information all real time. Wearable technology has taken the world of gaming for a whole new spin onto a new paradigm with more real life like touch onto the gaming. With advanced graphics and augmented reality along with virtual reality wearable technology around, gaming has significantly improved over the past decade.

A wearable technology is typically centered on two core principles that include body sensors and an innovative display system. Some of the many areas requiring wearables include service management, electronic textiles etc. As of now, the modern era is more into using hand held devices over wearables but over the span of a couple of decades, these scenarios would practically turn nonexistent owing to the advancement in wearable technology.

Not something new wearable technology concept has been spoken about since the late 16oos and has evolved ever since, although the use of technology in the form of a wearable is something much more new and advanced. Wearables are a very easy, simple and more advanced form of handheld devices and can benefit mankind by their quick and real time data generation.