Microelectronics : The field of electronics that pertains to the detailed study and crafting of extremely tiny electronic components is called Microelectronics.
The most prominent material used in the design and creation of these components include some sort of semiconductor material. Many circuits and several electronic designs are integrated into tiny microelectronic components to meet the modern needs. Some of the more commonly used microelectronic devices are resistors, transistors, inductors and more.

The size of these microelectronic components is extremely tiny and it is due this reason that advanced soldering techniques such as wire bonding are implemented to for designing and connections. Different microelectronic components are integrated in different circuits based on the requirements. The size of these microelectronic components rapidly continue to get smaller with advancement in technology and as the size reduced with respect to the circuit, the effectiveness of the component increases much significantly and is popularly termed as the parasitic effects. These microelectronic devices being small have a lot greater advantage over other components as they are faster, effective and much inexpensive but require skilled craftsmanship to a great extent. The main advances in electronics as part of the research and manufacture of integrated circuits grow, tinier and much reliable components begin to expand rapidly. Microelectronic components are simply connected together with precision to form a well-designed and functioning microelectronics circuit.

A transistor is a microelectronic component and acts as a circuit switch to switch on and switch off a circuit.

Capacitors are designed to typically store huge amounts of charge and release it at once to produce more power while the typical resistor is crafted to maintain the current flow through a circuit as it resists the flow of electrons through it. There are several other microelectronic components that have their inner circuitry designed to perform a task and is integrated on a circuit to complete it as a whole. Research continues to get more intensive as researchers are trying to find ways to make these components as smaller as possible and are trying to develop ways to and techniques to accomplish that. With the global increase in ubiquity of computers, the reliability of these devices is a key priority of every manufacturer.

The reliability is increased with advancement in the inner circuit design itself and hence the microelectronic components play a very crucial role in the overall performance of a computing device as well. The first major implementation of microelectronic components begins with a printed circuit board. A PCB is the one that consists of all the elements and that goes into the device as it is. The fields using these PCBs extensively include robotics, medicine, engineering and many others.